"Ghost Towns of the Wild West DVD Video"  

                                Part One and Part Two

     While viewing "Ghost Towns of the Wild West" DVD Part One and Part Two, one gets a feeling of being back in another time and place and imagining how life must have been for the brave pioneers that explored and settled the wild west. Our ghost town hunter photographers, "Six Shooter Sue" and "Buckaroo Bud" have traveled many thousands of miles to search out old ghost towns of the wild west, to shoot and document thousands of photographs of the old buildings in long abandoned towns before they rot away, disappear and are gone forever.  Those brave pioneers of so long ago pursued their dreams and built these towns. They left us a heritage from which we can only try to imagine on how harsh life must have been in an earlier time.  It was full of danger, loneliness, and extreme heat and cold. Only the tough and strong survived, but many of the towns did not, turning them into the ghost towns that we can visit, explore, and enjoy now. Remember these vanishing ghost towns of America's Wild West won't last forever. As time goes by, buildings rot and collapse and many of them have already deteriorated to a state of total decay. They are our heritage and should be preserved and treasured. We give directions and locations to get to all of these towns, but please remember when visiting "these diamonds in the rough", make sure you take only pictures and leave only footprints so that future generations can also enjoy them! Ghost Towns of the Wild West DVD starts you on your journey back into the wild west past. Each DVD, Part One and Part Two are moving photo slide shows of 12 ghost towns with 550 color photographs filmed on actual locations by "Six Shooter Sue" and "Buckaroo Bud".

                "Ghost Town Tunes" sound track by "Nevada Pete" Dooley.

  Part One - Color, 1 Hour 43 Minutes - Part Two - Color, 1 Hour 40 minutes.

Return With Us Now To Those Thrilling

Wild West Ghost Towns of Yesteryear!